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Integrated Controls

AeroPanel produces panels to your specifications to meet your needs. Via our relationship with Insco we are able to produce products that satisfy your Integrated Control requirements. See our Product samples shown below.

Audio Panel


INSCO� designs completed integrated control switch panel displays using materials, components and finishes that meet advanced commercial and military system requirements.


The control panels provide primary data entry channels for equipment users in communication, navigation flight control, fire control, mission management and other critical system capabilities.

Control Switch


Control Panel


The integrated control panel can be provided with lighting which is NVG Compatible, Electroluminescent, LED or Incandescent.

Our panels can be designed with one or more of the following components included in the assembly:


Function Specific Switches


Alpha/Numeric Keyboard Switches


Info/Data Select Switches


Rotary Control Function Switches


Brightness/Contrast Controls


Fault Indicators & Annunciators


Photo Brightness Sensors

Info Box

AeroPanel Solutions:

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Integrated Control Switches
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