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Illuminated Panels

AeroPanel produces panels to your specifications to meet your needs. See our Product samples shown below.

Illuminated Panels (MIL-P-7788)

Type III Panels

TYPE III - One piece plastic panels. Panels consisting of one sheet of plastic, utilizing MS25010 lighting assemblies for illumination.

Type IV Panels

TYPE IV - Integrally-wired incandescent panels. Panels consisting of one sheet of plastic, with wiring and lamps embedded within the panel.


Type 5 Panel

Fuel Qty Panel

TYPE V - (Alternate) - Two piece panel assembly. Consists of plastic front sheet with attaching printed circuit board containing lamps, circuitry and connectors.

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TYPE VI - Panels illuminated by electroluminescent (E-L) lamps; E-L lamps are encapsulated within the panel.

AeroPanel has the capability to produce panels and other displays that are in compliance with MIL-L-85762, using either incandescent, LED or electroluminescent light sources.


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Our panels can be designed with one or more of the following components included in the assembly:
Function Specific Switches
bullet Alpha/Numeric Keyboard Switches
bullet Info/Data Select Switches
bulletRotary Control Function Switches
bullet Brightness/Contrast Controls
bulletFault Indicators & Annunciators
bulletPhoto Brightness Sensors